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Data Acquisition is the process of imaging or otherwise obtaining information from a digital device and its peripheral equipment and media

A.    True
B.    False Read more

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Which of the following reports are delivered under oath to a board of directors/managers/panel of jury?

A.    Written informal Report
B.    Verbal Formal Report
C.    Written Formal Report
D.    Verbal Informal Report

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Files stored in the Recycle Bin in its physical location are renamed as Dxy.ext, where, “X” represents the _________.

A.    Drive name
B.    Sequential number
C.    Original file name’s extension
D.    Original file name

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Shortcuts are the files with the extension .Ink that are created and are accessed by the users. These files provide you with information about:

A.    Files or network shares
B.    Running application
C.    Application logs
D.    System logs

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What is the First Step required in preparing a computer for forensics investigation?

A.    Do not turn the computer off or on, run any programs, or attempt to access data on a computer
B.    Secure any relevant media
C.    Suspend automated document destruction and recycling policies that may pertain to any relevant media or users at Issue
D.    Identify the type of data you are seeking, the Information you are looking for, and the urgency level of the examination

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What is a bit-stream copy?

A.    Bit-Stream Copy is a bit-by-bit copy of the original storage medium and exact copy of the original disk
B.    A bit-stream image is the file that contains the NTFS files and folders of all the data on a disk or partition
C.    A bit-stream image is the file that contains the FAT32 files and folders of all the data on a disk or partition
D.    Creating a bit-stream image transfers only non-deleted files from the original disk to the image disk Read more