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How does the FSM react after an error or timeout at a stage?

A.    stops
B.    retries until successful
C.    continues
D.    retries that stage at scheduled intervals
E.    raises faults and continues Read more

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Which item describes the failure scenario called a “split-brain” in the Cisco Unified Computing System?

A.    failure of the Cisco Unified Computing System L1-L2 network
B.    failure of a Cisco Unified Computing System Chassis Management Controller
C.    failure of a Cisco Unified Computing System I/O module
D.    failure of a Cisco Unified Computing System Fabric Interconnect
E.    failure of a Cisco Unified Computing System Chassis Management Switch

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The behavior of which packet type can be controlled by selecting unicast mode or flood mode in a bridge domain?

A.    ARP
B.    unknown unicast
C.    LLDP
D.    CDP

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A network administrator is troubleshooting an EIGRP connection between RouterA, IP address, and RouterB, IP address Given the debug output on RouterA, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

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An EtherChannel bundle has been established between a Cisco switch and a corporate web server. The network administrator noticed that only one of the EtherChannel links is being utilized to reach the web server. What should be done on the Cisco switch to allow for better EtherChannel utilization to the corporate web server?

A.    Enable Cisco Express Forwarding to allow for more effective traffic sharing over the EtherChannel bundle.
B.    Adjust the EtherChannel load-balancing method based on destination IP addresses.
C.    Disable spanning tree on all interfaces that are participating in the EtherChannel bundle.
D.    Use link-state tracking to allow for improved load balancing of traffic upon link failure to the server.
E.    Adjust the EtherChannel load-balancing method based on source IP addresses.

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Which three functions are handled by StoreFront? (Choose three.)

A.    Validate the status of the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
B.    Verify Citrix license
C.    Enumerate resources
D.    Store subscriptions
E.    Deploy Citrix Receiver

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A network engineer has been asked to ensure that the PPPoE connection is established and authenticated using an encrypted password.
Which technology, in combination with PPPoE, can be used for authentication in this manner?

A.    PAP
B.    dot1x
C.    IPsec
D.    CHAP
E.    ESP

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The Cisco TMS administrator wants to test outbound calls that originate from a video device that is added to the Cisco TMS. Which path does the administrator use to complete this operation in the Cisco TMS interface?

A.    Systems > Navigator > Endpoint > Call Status tab in the endpoint configuration
B.    Phone Books > Dial External tab
C.    Booking > New Conference > Dial External tab
D.    Systems > Provisioning > Users > Call Status

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Which statement is true regarding the configuration of SAF Forwarder?

A.    In a multisite dial plan, SAF Forwarders may exist in multiple autonomous systems.
B.    The client label that is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager must match the configuration on the SAF Forwarder router.
C.    There should not be multiple nodes of Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters acting as SAF clients.
D.    The destination IP address must match the loopback address of the SAF router.

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Refer to the exhibit. When users call number 00044156789453, they have to wait for several seconds before the call is sent.

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