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After deploying new servers, you configure the development applications to send email notifications by using a new server that runs Exchange Server 2016.
You need to reduce the likelihood that the email messages will be identified incorrectly as spam. What should you do?

A.    On the new server run, theSet-TransportConfigcmdlet and specify the-/nterna/SMTPServersparameter.
B.    Create a new internal relay accepted domain.
C.    Upgrade EdgeEX to Exchange Server 2016.
D.    On the new server run, run theSet-TransportServercmdlet and specify Xhe-AntiSpamAgentsEnabledar6et

Answer: A
Explanation: 2

You need to ensure that members of a group named Relecloudadmins can create user accounts and mailboxes for new employees by using Exchange Admin Center (EAC) after the planned upgrade.
What should you do first?

A.    Run theNew-ManagementRolecmdlet.
B.    Run theNew-ManagementRoleAssignmentcmc] e:
C.    Run setup.exe and specify the/PrepareDoma/nparameter.
D.    Run setup.exe and specify the/prepareADparameter.

Answer: B
Explanation: 3

Drag and Drop Question
You need to recommend which actions must be performed to upgrade the organization to Exchange Server 2016. The solution must meet the availability requirements.
Which five actions should you recommend be performed in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.

Hotspot Question
You need to meet the compliance requirements for the creation of new mailboxes after the planned upgrade.
What command should you run? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.

Explanation: 4

You need to recommend a solution that meets the security requirements for the mailbox databases. What should you include in the recommendation?

A.    Resilient File System (ReFS)
B.    Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
C.    BitLocker Drive Encryption (BitLocker)
D.    Encrypting Files System (EFS)

Answer: C

You run the Get-SendConnector cmdlet and you receive the following output.


You need to recommend which actions are required to secure email connectivity between the SMTP domain and the SMTP domain.
Which two actions should you recommend? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Import a server certificate that has a subject name and a subject alternate name
B.    Create an Outlook protection rule.
C.    Import a server certificate that has a subject name of
D.    Configure theTLSSendDomainSecureListparameXer for the organization.
E.    Modify theConnecforTypeparameter for the Send connector.

Answer: CD
Explanation: 5

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