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A.    Stage the Listings database on an Azure virtual machine prior to the outage. During the outage, perform a data import from the main office by using SQL Server Management Studio.B.    Implement log-shipping between the main office and an Azure virtual machine prior to the migration date. During the planned outage, perform a final log backup, restore the backup to the secondary, and then switch the secondary to the primary role.C.    Run a full backup during the outage and restore the backup to the Azure virtual machine.D.    Implement merge replication between the main office and the Azure virtual machine.Answer: B Case Study 2 - Contoso, Ltd. (QUESTION 17 - QUESTION 21)OverviewGeneral OverviewContoso, Ltd. is a national scientific research company that has sales, marketing, and research departments.Contoso has a main office in Dallas and more than 20 satellite offices across the United States. Some employees work off-site at customer locations.Contoso is expected to double in size during the next two years. Existing EnvironmentThe Microsoft SQL Server environment contains the servers configured as shown in the following table.   Contoso currently uses SQL Server 2008 R2 on all of the database servers. SQL01 currently requires six cores and 50 GB of memory. Once a day, database snapshots are taken on the mirror to provide ad hoc reporting and to load the data warehouse. One report is used for ad hoc reporting by using the mirrored copy of the OLTP database.Research Gen II is a Windows application that users currently access by using Remote Desktop. RequirementsBusiness GoalsContoso identifies the following business goals:   Planned ChangesContoso plans to implement the following changes:   Departmental RequirementsSenior research project leaders must be able to upload databases to the cloud. Initially, the databases will be less than 3 GB. Some databases may grow to 50 GB. The databases must be recoverable to any point during the past two weeks. The research project leaders must monitor the performance of their databases. They must view statistics, such as query performance and overall database performance. The marketing department plans to use cloud services to host web applications for marketing campaigns. The databases for the web applications have the requirements shown in the following table.   Technical RequirementsContoso identifies the following technical requirements:   QUESTION 17A solution for the data warehouse system must be created to provide disaster recovery between SQL03 and an Azure virtual machine named SQL04.You are designing the data warehouse.You need to recommend a solution that meets the business goals and the technical requirements.What should you recommend? A.    Create an AlwaysOn availability group between SQL03 and SQL04.B.    Host the data warehouse on an Azure virtual machine.C.    Create an Azure HDInsight cluster.D.    Create an Azure DocumentDB database. Answer: A QUESTION 18A solution for the data warehouse system must be created to provide disaster recovery between SQL03 and an Azure virtual machine named SQL04.You are evaluating the use of active geo-replication for one of the research department databases.You need to identify which service tier to use for the database. The solution must meet the department requirements and the business requirements.What should you identify? A.    Premium 1B.    Premium 14C.    Standard S0D.    Basic Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 19A solution for the data warehouse system must be created to provide disaster recovery between SQL03 and an Azure virtual machine named SQL04.You need to recommend an auditing solution that meets the business goals.Which three events should you include in the recommendation? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    Transaction ManagementB.    Stored ProcedureC.    Plain SQLD.    LoginE.    Failed Connections Answer: ABD QUESTION 20A solution for the data warehouse system must be created to provide disaster recovery between SQL03 and an Azure virtual machine named SQL04.You need to ensure that the performance statistics for the research department are collected. What should you enable? A.    Query Performance InsightB.    Scale and ConfigurationC.    Dynamic Data MaskingD.    Index advisor Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 21A solution for the data warehouse system must be created to provide disaster recovery between SQL03 and an Azure virtual machine named SQL04.You need to tell the research project leaders how to migrate their databases. Which task should you instruct the leaders to use from SQL Server Management Studio? A.    Extract Data-tier ApplicationB.    Deploy Database to a Microsoft Azure VMC.    Deploy Database to a Microsoft Azure SQL DatabaseD.    Copy Database Answer: CExplanation: Study 3 - Proseware, Inc. (QUESTION 22 - QUESTION 29)OverviewGeneral OverviewProseware, Inc. is a software engineering company that has 100 employees. Proseware has sales, marketing, accounts, human resources IT, and development departments. The IT department has one team dedicated to managing the internal resources and one team dedicated to managing customer resources, which are located in the company's hosting environment. Proseware develops websites, basic web apps, and custom web apps. The websites and the apps are hosted and maintained in the hosting environment of Proseware. Physical LocationsProseware has two offices located in Seattle and Montreal. The Seattle office contains all of the hardware required to host its customers' websites, web apps, and databases. The Seattle office contains the IT team for the hosting environment. The Montreal office contains all of the hardware required to host the company's internal applications, databases, and websites. Each office connects directly to the Internet. Testing reveals that the minimum latency from the offices to Microsoft Azure is 20 ms. Existing EnvironmentInternal Microsoft SQL Server EnvironmentProseware uses a custom customer relationship management (CRM) application. The internal Microsoft SQL Server environment contains two physical servers named CRM- A and CRM-B. Both servers run SQL Server 2012 Standard and host databases for the CRM application. CRM-A hosts the principal instance and CRM-B hosts the mirrored instance of the CRM database. RM-A also hosts databases for several other applications that are used by the company's internal applications. CRM-A has a quad core processor and 12 GB of RAM. CRM- has a dual core processor and 8 GB of RAM. Custom Web Applications EnvironmentSome Proseware customers request custom web-based applications that require more than just databases, such as SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and CLR stored procedures. Proseware uses a Hyper-V server named Host1. Host1 has four instances of SQL Server 2014 Enterprise in the host operating system. The instances are mirrored on a server named Host2. Host1 also hosts four virtual machines named VM1, VM2, VM3, and VM4. VM1 has SQL Server 2005 Standard installed. VM2 has SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition installed. VM3 has SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition installed. VM4 has SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition installed. Host1 uses a SAN to store all of the data and log files for the four SQL Server instances and the four virtual machines. Websites and Basic Web Apps EnvironmentProseware has two physical servers named WebServer1 and WebData1. WebServer1 hosts basic web apps and websites for its customers. WebData1 has a database for each website and each basic web app that Proseware hosts. WebData1 has four cores and 8 GB of RAM. Each website database contains customer information for billing purposes. Proseware generates a consolidated report that contains data from all of these databases. The relevant databases on WebData1 are: - CWDB: Currently 60 GB and is not expected to exceed 100 GB. CWDB contains a table named Personallinfo.- MovieReviewDB: Currently 5 GB and is not expected to exceed 10 GB. Marketing DepartmentProseware has a web app for the marketing department. The web app uses an Azure SQL database. Managers in the marketing department occasionally bulk load data by using a custom application. The database is updated daily. Problem StatementsProseware identifies the following issues: - Lack of planning and knowledge has complicated the database environment- Customers who have web apps hosted on Webserver1 report frequent outages caused by failures on WebDatal. The current uptime is less than 90 percent .- Internally users complain of slow performance by the CRM application when the databases fail over to CRM-B- WebDatal has no high availability option for the databases or the server.- An internal licensing audit of SQL Server identifies that Proseware is non compliant. Hostl, CRM-A, and CRM-B are licensed properly. VM1 VM2, VM3, VM4, and WebDatal are unlicensed. RequirementsBusiness RequirementsProseware identifies the following business requirements:   Security RequirementsProseware hosts a database for a company named Contoso, Ltd. Currently, all of the employees at Contoso can access all of the data in the database. Contoso plans to limit user access to the CWDU database so that customer service representatives can see only the data from the PersonalInfo table that relates to their own customers. QUESTION 22You are evaluating moving the data from WebData1 to an Azure SQL database.You need to recommend a solution to generate the consolidated report for billing. The solution must meet the business requirements.What should you include in the recommendation? A.    SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)B.    SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)C.    an elastic database jobD.    an elastic query Answer: D QUESTION 23You are planning the consolidation of the databases from Host1.You need to identify which methods to use to back up the data after the consolidation completes. What are two possible methods that achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    BACKUP TO URLB.    AlwaysOn failover clusteringC.    a maintenance planD.    AlwaysOn Availability Groups Answer: AC QUESTION 24You need to recommend a disaster recovery solution for the CRM application that meets the business requirements.What should you recommend? A.    backup and restore by using Windows Azure StorageB.    log shippingC.    AlwaysOn Availability GroupsD.    database mirroring Answer: A QUESTION 25You are evaluating whether to replace CRM-B with an Azure virtual machine.You need to identify the required virtual machine service tier to replace CRM. The solution must meet the following requirements:Which virtual machine service tier should you identify? A.    Standard DS3B.    Standard A6C.    Standard GS2D.    Standard D3 Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 26Drag and Drop QuestionA marketing department manager reports that the marketing department database contains incorrect data. The manager reports that the data was correct yesterday.You need to recommend a method to recover the data.Which three actions should you recommend be performed in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. Answer:   QUESTION 27Drag and Drop QuestionYou plan to implement row-level security for the CWDB database.You create the fn_limitusers function under the restriction schema.You need to create the policy.How should you complete the policy? To answer, drag the appropriate elements to the correct locations. Each element may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. Answer:  Explanation: QUESTION 28Hotspot QuestionYou need to identify which methods to use to migrate MovieReviewDB and CWDB. Which method should you identify for each database? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.  Answer:  Explanation: QUESTION 29Hotspot QuestionYou are evaluating the migration of the databases from Host1 and WebData1 to Azure.You need to recommend the most cost-effective solution for storing the database in Azure. The solution must meet the business requirements.In the table below, recommend the most cost-effective storage solution for Host1 and WebData1. NOTE: Make only one selection in each column.   Answer:   QUESTION 30You deploy a Microsoft SQL Server instance on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine by using a template.You plan to deploy a PHP-based app in an Azure web app. The web app will use a database on the virtual machine. The web app and the virtual machine will be on the same Azure virtual network.You need to ensure that the web app can access the SQL Server database.Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    Change the SQL Server authentication to mixed mode.B.    Use sp_configure to enable remote access.C.    From the Azure portal, add an endpoint for TCP port 1434.D.    On the virtual machine, enable the inbound connections on TCP port 1433 from Windows Firewall.E.    Restart the SQL Server service. Answer: BDE At Lead2pass we verify that 100% of the 70-473 exam questions in exam test prep package are real questions from a recent version of the 70-473 test you are about to take. 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